Dead Rising 3 Mods

Flawless Widescreen’s Dead Rising 3 plug-in can be used to increase the game’s FOV.

Dead Rising 3 PC Mod: Playable Spec Ops Soldier with GogglesInfinity Mode Dead Rising 3 Mod Update V 2.5 This mod allows you to use melee weapons forever and they never break. However, if you have a save file with a weapon on the brink of destruction then it will not work for that particular weapon.

3/2/2015  · Current Trainers: Dead Rising 3 V1.00 Trainer +6 Dead Rising 3 V1.00 Trainer +8 Options: Inf.Health Inf.Health Allies Inf.Durability Items Inf.Ammo Mega.

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Here we have Nick from Dead Rising 3 in the Tuxedo outfit he can wear, which also appears in the X1 Super DR3 DLC as a selectable Nick player model. Rigged this last year for my modding blog. Decided to share it here with you guys now.

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Reskin Mods 3. Download the reskin mod you want to use (TPF file). 4. Extract the TPF files, placing the TPF files you’re going to use in the same folder as TexMod’s files. 5. Click TexMod.exe to start the program. If your using Vista or Windows 7, you may need admin status to use the program.

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